Introduction to "Rome in Shakespeare's Tragedies"

How Shakespearean Material was Appropriated by Translators and Scholars during the Fascist Period

  • Angela Tiziana Tarantini
  • Christian Griffiths
Keywords: Translation, shakespeare, Fascism, Italy


What follows is a prefatory commentary and an English translation of the critical introduction to the text Roma nelle tragedie di Shakespeare (Rome in Shakespeare’s Tragedies) published in Italy in 1924. The book contains the translations of Julius Caesar and Coriolanus, both carried out by Ada Salvatore, and an introductory essay written by Giuseppe De Lorenzo. Our aim in translating the introductory essay by De Lorenzo is to raise awareness among non-Italian speaking scholars of how Shakespearian material was appropriated through translation by translators and intellectuals during the Fascist era.

Author Biographies

Angela Tiziana Tarantini

Both contributors are both authors of the introductory commentary and translators of the piece. Angela Tiziana Tarantini is the main author.

Christian Griffiths

Both contributors are both authors and translators

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