Call for Papers - Issue 1 Volume 2 (2020)


Call for Papers: issue 1 – volume 2 (2020)

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Dear Colleagues,

Translation history never ends … Every day new translation events move from the present to the past. How do we handle these ever accumulating and far back reaching events to create a history? What methods do we rely on? Which theoretical framework and underlying perspectives are we basing our research on? Which methodological lacunas can we identify? What can other disciplines contribute and how can we apply their knowledge and techniques? What meaning do our contributions have for other disciplines and their research areas? 

Translation history is rapidly gathering momentum. Chronotopos aims at accompanying, reflecting and distributing this boom.

That is why Chronotopos invites all interested authors to continue the discussion and hand in papers on the history of translation and interpreting. Apart from articles, Chronotopos also welcomes book reviews and conference reports regarding translation and interpreting history. Please refer to the website to learn more about our focus. 

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Your Chronotopos editorial team

 Important dates

  • Informal announcement of intention (to chronotopos(at) – 30th September 2019
  • Submission of articles (online) – 5th January 2020
  • Submission of book reviews & conference reports (online) 1st February 2020
  • Publication of third issue of Chronotopos – Spring 2020


for registration, anouncement of intention, review and conference suggestions, questions and comments: chronotopos(at)